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The revolution of permanent hair coloration

Ready-to-use mix


Dyeing and re-dyeing

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The #1 in innovation

Hand triggers an ONE COLOR bottle
ONE COLOR is applied on a comb
ONE COLOR by KERALOCK is the first permanent hair coloration that does not require to be mixed before it is applied to the hair. It is ready to use right from the beginning and any residuals not needed for first use can be re-used for following applications for up to four months.
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Ready-to-use mix

Coloration and oxidant in one

Dyeing and re-dyeing

More content + re-usable for up to 4 months

User friendly

Safe mixing + application on the hair

Clean solution

No leaking due to spill-free consistency


ONE COLOR bottle with comb and brush

2 become 1

Here’s how easy it is

Activate bottle by clicking

Apply to your dry hair

Let absorb for 20 to 30 minutes

Rinse off with luke-warm water



ONE COLOR by KERALOCK is the first permanent coloration for home-use that does not require you to mix it before applying it onto your hair. After activation of the bottle, any residual that is not used with the first application, can be re-used for up to 4 months
ONE COLOR by KERALOCK is available in 10 brilliant shades exklusively at Rossmann stores as well as the Rossmann online shop
The color cream and the oxidant are premixed within the bottle. When pressing the bottle, they come out in two lines, visibly next to one another. By applying it to the hair, the two copmponents are eventually mixed completely
As soon as the coloration cream and the oxidant are completely mixed, they start their timely limited chemical reaction. With other coloration products, this oxidation process thus starts far before the product is even applied to the hair, since the two components have to be mixed before they are applied. The longer you take with the process, the „older“ the coloration becomes. This can lead to dappled results With ONE COLOR by KERALOCK, since coloration cream and oxidant are only mixed when they are being squeezed out and applied directly, oxidation starts only right before actual application. As a result, even your lengths receive „fresh“ color as much as the hairlines.
ONE COLOR by KERALOCK are composed to reflect natural shades. This makes them indulgent and easily suitable for home use. However, an extensive lightening effect on the base color is unlikely.
The color references as seen on the package can only serve as a broad indication for which base color this shade is suitable for. Since the base hair very rarely is completely untreated and hair has thus been dyed, bleached or treated in some other way and contains different degrees of greys, the provided shades can only be considered to be a broad orientation. Subsequently, the final result may deviate from the provided shades.
ONE COLOR by KERALOCK contains both the coloration cream and the oxidant in one bottle. The components are premixed and come out in an optimal ratio to one another. The two components have varying degrees of thickness. To make up for that difference, the bottle contains a built-in mixing mechansim. This mechanism slows down the oxidant and in doing so regulates the dispersion of the two components, so that they are passed out evenly in a 50:50 ratio The further up (that is, further away from the bottle cap) you press, the easier it gets. Also: Please only press with as much force as needed until the coloration is dispensed. Pressing harder does not lead to more coloration being passed out.
Ideally the bottle should be stored standing up at normal room temperature. Please make sure the cap is closed properly.